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S KART INTERNATIONAL provides career enhancing training to the highest of standards.

We welcome you in joining us, to learn ground breaking techniques that make a difference in our world.

SKART INTERNATIONAL was born as a vehicle to take the cutting edge, newly developed, therapy of SKART, along with practices such as other physical and mental health training.  Our on-line courses have been meticulously written and complied to comprehensively teach and train diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, for use in Practitioner environments or by individuals themselves in home care.

The techniques taught by SKART International have been established through trials, to ensure effective use in, and efficient management of, many poor health conditions. 

The techniques are safe and simple to use, with far-reaching benefits that can reduce pain (both physical and emotional) and deliver an improved quality of life. 


 SKART INTERNATIONAL was developed to bring therapies such as SKART, along with other practices into Practitioner and Public awareness.

Amanda White is the founder and Managing Director of SKART INTERNATIONAL.

Amanda is a Qualified Nurse, Acupuncturist, Clinical Kinesiologist, EFT & NLP practitioner Certified Teacher (Cert Ed) as well as Internal Teaching Verifier, all this knowledge has gone together to enable her to professionally train others in the treatments and practices that she has come to passionately understand are effective in achieving and supporting improved health.

Amanda White Health  is run along side SKART International and deals with her blog, Facebook, linked in Instagram presence and U Tube channel.  


SKART Back Training online Practitioner Award 

Our flagship 1st course - an amazing new back pain technique & treatment. SKART (Structural Kinesiology Acupressure Release Technique) is a new and easy diagnostic and therapeutic technique used to relieve pain found in the back, neck, hip and legs. These techniques are safe provided the correct training.


Lymphatic Massage Practitioner Course

The lymphatics are important as they clear the entire body of toxins and without this you can get congestion of the system.

This Practitioner course teaches all about the lymphatic system and its link to Acupuncture meridians and how to treat it. Lymphatic congestion is linked to breast tenderness, feelings of sluggishness, toxin build up causing spots and fatigue.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) Practitioner Course

and EFT Self help course

EFT work on personal issues like public speaking, fears and anxieties. Helps with relationship issues and dealing with anger, and frustrations.

Learn to let go of worry, clear issues and break habits and addictions. you learn a technique that can help change your life. " the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system"

Our courses are intended for Practitioners who wish to expand their treatment offerings by adding new therapeutic and diagnostic tools to their skill set, professionals who are looking for a new career in our field, or indeed individuals who fundamentally wish to manage their own health and well-being in the best and most effective way possible.



"Thank you for an excellent course which was succinct and very easy to follow and the contents easy to assimilate regards" Dr Cox

“Amanda gave a demonstration at the National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists' (NAMMT) AGM. Her enthusiasm for what looked to be a simple but yet effective treatment, definitely stirred up a lot of interest. I had no hesitation signing up.”

"I am enjoying this course"

"The SKART course It is designed to get to the root cause of a person’s pain or dysfunction, assessing and treating weakness, rather than just massaging tired overworked muscles, which only leave a patient with temporary relief.”

“This online course is straightforward and very easy to follow”

“I definitely feel its great value for money!”

I am very much looking forward to incorporating this into my regular treatment sessions, and so far, the feedback has been amazing.”

"I am enjoying your course it is refreshing my mind in some things and learning heaps in others.”"The content of the SKART training is informative but also varied."

“It gives a great insight into Meridian Channels and Acupressure, but at its core is the SKART Release Technique”


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