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"I have found the skill I learnt on the structural course invaluable it has made it easy for me to help treat musculoskeletal pain. I can find exactly where the problem is and correct it, in a matter of minutes, without having to force manipulate. Thank you"

J Watts

Our courses are for Complementary therapists, Doctors, Nurses, Physios, occupational Therapists, Sports trainers, vets, those interested in learning and qualifying in new amazing techniques within the areas of physical, environmental and mental health treatment.


Exceptional & Valuable Skills that benefit practice and client health.

We know you will find our courses totally absorbing, informative, fascinating and enjoyable.

Learn effective practical skills, Safe and gentle techniques.

Easy to learn and understand and excellent value for money.

Kinesiology / Muscle testing Assessment Method

A lot of our courses use KINESIOLOGY as a base as it is an amazing tool to help you delve into the areas of physical, environmental and mental health treatment.

Kinesiology is taught in ​over 200 Universities in America but is relatively unknown in the UK as the people who use it integrate it into their therapies but don't use it by name directly. Kinesiology is the study of the body’s energy system using the muscles as diagnostic tools. It is used to access the most appropriate treatment for the body. The muscles respond to blocks and imbalances on physical, chemical and emotional levels. Reflexes and acupressure points are used to enhance healing and the muscles respond to a problem in the system by showing a weakness.

Once this weakness is found the body is tested to see what will strengthen it, be it structural, nutritional, allergy / environmental change or emotional need. Using Kinesiology adds a new practical, effective, beneficial dimension to standard diagnosis.

S​KART (Structural Kinesiology Acupressure Release Technique) online Accredited Practitioner Back Training Course


Learn this amazing gentle non force correction technique. Learn to test for and treat basic structural conditions using advanced Kinesiology techniques.

Learn to treat :-

Back pain, Neck pain, Headaches and Dizziness, Body and leg weakness.

Symphysis Pubis Problems linked to groin pain, hip pain and leg length imbalance. It can also link to bladder urgency.

Ileo-cecal Valve Problems linked to pains in lower right abdominal area and gut spasms.

Hiatus Hernia linked to pain and discomfort under the ribs on the left side and Indigestion, Nausea​ and Belching.

Shoulder Problems linked with pain in the shoulder and arm, numbness and tingling in the arm and hands.

Balance the body’s Gait / Posture linked with imbalance and walking problems.

Jaw correction techniques for dental Issues, teeth grinding, jaw pain and headaches.

Cranial Problems linked to headaches, pressure pain, sleep problems and excess crying in babies particularly in the lying position.


The Practitioner Lymphatic Drainage course

The lymphatics are important as they clear the entire body of toxins and without this you can get congestion of the system.

This Practitioner course teaches all about the lymphatic system and its link to Acupuncture meridians and how to treat it. Lymphatic congestion is linked to breast tenderness, feelings of sluggishness, toxin build up causing spots and fatigue. 



Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) Practitioner course

and our EFT self help Course

These course teaches a way to help rid our ‘systems’ of emotional weaknesses, negative thoughts and increase our mental strength. Helping us let go of stress, worry, clear issues and break habits and addictions.

This method stimulates acupressure points whilst focusing on a particular issue. Each acupressure point is linked to a specific acupuncture meridian and each meridian is linked to specific emotions. By systematically ‘tapping’ on these points you "flush out" the concerning issue. EFT is quick and simple to learn, painful memories can be ‘dissolved’ resulting in an immediate feeling of relief as blocked energy is released.



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